Disciplinary Tribunal Members

Tribunal Appointments Body

Under the BTAS Appointments Protocol, COIC and the President of COIC have delegated their powers to appoint and nominate Disciplinary Tribunal panel members to the Tribunals Appointments Body (“TAB”).  The TAB is currently chaired by Lady Justice Simler, a Court of Appeal judge and is required to contain at least 2 QCs, 2 practising barristers (of at least 7 years standing) and 2 lay members, as well as the Chairman.

The TAB is charged, amongst other things, with appointing and maintaining a pool of:

(1) QC’s, barristers and lay persons who are eligible to sit on Disciplinary Tribunal panels.

(2) Lay members to sit on the Inns’ Conduct Committee.

(2) Clerks to Disciplinary Tribunals.

All those recommended by TAB for appointment by the President have been subject to an open competition and are selected against agreed competencies designed to identify individuals who will approach their work with integrity and objectivity and who will produce well-reasoned and fair decisions.  During the recruitment process, TAB members receive training in fair selection techniques.